• How Big Data Could Challenge Planning Processes – A discussion on the potential of big data to improve forecasting through better understanding of consumer behavior, upgraded demand-forecasting models, and more efficient supply-chain execution.
  • Blockchain (BC) Technology, the Integration of BC and AI, and the Road to Intelligence Augmentation (IA) – Part 4 of our 5-part series on Forecasting the Impact of AI, in which Spyros Makridakis looks at the potential effects of AI on businesses, manufacturing, and commerce.
  • A Blueprint for Selecting and Implementing a Forecasting Support System – a structured process to assist the SME (Small to Medium Enterprises) to identify, select, and implement a system that meets the SME’s particular requirements and fulfills its potential.
  • Deep Learning (DL) for Forecasting – a tutorial on the basics of DL with illustrations of how it has been applied for forecasting Amazon product sales and other variables (Part 1 of a 2-part series).

The Summer issue is Foresight’s 50th issue since the journal’s inception in the summer of 2005. It seems appropriate, then, to recognize our three superlative Foresight editors who have served with me for a decade or more and have molded the manuscripts we’ve accepted into lucidly written and visually appealing articles. Thank you Liza, Ralph, and Mary Ellen.

Liza Woodruff Design and Production Editor since the Spring 2009 issue.

Ralph Culver Manuscript Editor since the Fall 2007 issue.

Mary Ellen Bridge Copy Editor since our third issue in February 2006.

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