The 2017 Foresight Practitioner Conference will take place November 15-16 at the Institute for Advanced Analytics at North Carolina State University in Raleigh. The 2017 FPC presentations will address the theme:

Recoupling the Forecasting and Inventory Management Processes
Research has revealed that too often the forecasting process is decoupled from inventory and supply planning: forecasters have imperfect knowledge of how their forecasts are used and managers have little knowledge about where the forecasts are coming from. The resulting misunderstandings and outright calculation errors are costly and wasteful. Resolving these problems requires better communication among forecasters, planners, and suppliers of the software in use. The conference speakers will provide perspectives from experience and research on how to recouple these critical processes, reaping the benefits of lower costs and better service.

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The 2016 Foresight Practitioner Conference was held in October in partnership with the Institute for Advanced Analytics at North Carolina State University. The theme was “Worst Practices in Forecasting: Today’s Mistakes to Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs.”

Nearly 100 participants joined us from over 30 different organizations from three continents to hear from speakers including senior representatives of multi-national corporations including Pepsi Bottling Ventures; Verizon Wireless; Moen, Inc.; and SAS on topics ranging from judgmental overrides in statistical forecasting to worst practices in communication between sales and operations.

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